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  other notes: W1YK, originally 1YK, is not an acronym, it is the call sign for WPI's Wireless Association.
  Web address:
WACT The Worcester Area College Tour
  pronunciation: 'whacked'
  other notes: a tour of Worcester area colleges attended by high school guidance counselors
WAD The WPI Acronym Dictionary
  pronunciation: The 'wad'
  Web address:
WAM Worcester Art Museum
  pronunciation: 'wham!'
WC Writing Center
  Web address:
WECE Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  pronunciation: 'we-see'
WFD Worcester Fire Department
WGLC WPI GAC Leadership Conference
WICS Women In Computer Science
WIN Women's Industrial Network
  pronunciation: 'win'
WIS Web Information System
  pronunciation: referred to as 'Banner'
WJFC The Writings of James Fenimore Cooper
  Web address:
WLRL Wireless LAN Research Lab
WM Worcester Magazine
  pronunciation: Whoa-Mag
  Web address:
WMUG WPI Macintosh Users Group
  pronunciation: 'w-mug', 'mug', 'whoopie-mug'
  Web address:
WOOFA WPI Organization of Folk Arts
WOW Wings Over Worcester
  pronunciation: Wow
  Web address:
WPD Worcester Police Department
  pronunciation: 'Whoa-PD', 'Po-Po'
WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  pronunciation: Worcester Polytech, Worcester Poly, Worcester Tech, 'Whoopie', 'Whoa Tech", "The 'Tute", Worcester Polytechnic, and Tech
  other notes: formerly WCFIIS and WCIIS
  Web address:
WPI Where People Interact
  other notes: As seen on Admissions student ambassador shirts
WPI We Plead Insanity
WPIAA WPI Alumni Association
  Web address:
  Web address:
WPILA WPI Linux Association
  Web address:
WPIOC WPI Outing Club
  Web address:
WPIVF WPI Venture Forum
  other notes: alternate: VF
  Web address:
WPIWA WPI Wireless Association
  pronunciation: sometimes 'whoopie-wah'
  other notes: The third oldest college wireless association
  Web address:
WPS Worcester Public Schools
  Web address:
WS Workstudy
  other notes: Generally refers to federal funds, but not exclusively
WSH West Street House
WSSRL WPI Secure Systems Research Laboratory
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
WUNDERS Women, Understanding New Dimensions in Engineering Related Sciences
  pronunciation: "wonders"
  other notes: This acronym was forced after GEMS was dropped due to infringement.
  Web address:
WW WPIwiki
  pronunciation: WPI wee-kee
  other notes: Started in A-Term 2005 by Robert Hafner '08. Uncommon as an acronym.
  Web address:
  other notes: formerly WPIR
  Web address:

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