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GAANN Graduate Assistants in Areas of National Need
  other notes: a type of financial support available to graduate students
GAEA Global Awareness of Environmental Activity
  pronunciation: 'guy-uh'
  Web address:
GAMMA Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol
  pronunciation: 'gamma' or Bacchus/GAMMA
GAP Grade Appeals Process
  Web address:
GC Glee Club
  other notes: Founded in 1874. Oldest existing WPI organization. Second organization ever founded.
  Web address:
GCP Graduate Certificate Programs
GCR Government and Community Relations
GDC Game Development Club
  Web address:
GDI God Damn Independent
  other notes: slang fraternal term, meaning: of no affiliation
GHC Goats Head Committee
  Web address:
GHR Goat's Head Restaurant
GI Guerilla Improv
  other notes: part of SCP
  Web address:
GIK Gift-in-Kind
  other notes: Also plural: Gifts-in-Kind
GL George C. Gordon Library
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
  Web address:
GLI Greek Leaders Institute
  other notes: GLI was established to further the leadership education and problem-solving toolbox of the leaders of the WPI Greek community.
GLOWS Generating Leadership through Outreach community Service
  pronunciation: 'glows'
  other notes: a forced acronym
  Web address:
GLTF Greek Life Task Force
GMC General Military Course
  other notes: ROTC term
GMSO Graduate Management Student Oganization
GNO Girls' Night Out
  other notes: plural possessive, Girls' not girl's
  Web address:
GOLD Graduates Of the Last Decade
  pronunciation: 'gold'
GOTM Gifts Other Than Money
  other notes: used in the Property Management Manual
  Web address:
GPA Grade Point Average
  other notes: At the April 2005 faculty meeting, a standard forumla for converting WPI undergraduate grades to a GPA on a 4.0 scale was approved. The GPA still does not appear on transcripts.
GPP Global Perspective Program
  other notes: usually referred to as IGSD
  Web address:
GPS Great Problems Seminars
  other notes: A part of the first year program, introduced Fall 2007
GPS Great Problems Seminars
  other notes: A part of the First Year Experience
GQP Graduate Qualifying Project
GRAD Graduate Research Achievement Day
  pronunciation: "grad"
  Web address:
GRCL Graduate Research Computing Laboratory
  other notes: CEE computer lab
  Web address:
GSA Google Search Appliance
  Web address:
GSE Graduate Studies & Enrollment
  pronunciation: Grad Admissions, Graduate Admissions
  other notes: formerly GAO
  Web address:
GSG Graduate Student Government
  other notes: formerly Graduate Student Organization
GSO Graduate Student Orientation
GSPO Graduate Students Physics Organization
GTRL Gas Turbine Research Laboratory
  Web address:
GWG Governance Working Group

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