General Acronym Listing by Letter

OAA Office of Academic Advising
  pronunciation: Academic Advising
  Web address:
OAG Office of Annual Giving
  Web address:
OAR Office of Alumni Relations
  pronunciation: 'oar'
  other notes: Subset of the Division of University Advancement
  Web address:
OASIS Offering Acceptance, Support and Inclusion to Students
  pronunciation: 'oasis'
  other notes: A program operated by the Minority Affairs Office
OCC Organization and Club Council
  other notes: An SGA sponsored forum for student organizations to voice concerns and opinions.
OCFC Organizational Class Finance Committee
OCR On Campus Recruiting
ODA Organization Detail Activity
ODP Office of Diversity Programs
  other notes: This office acts as an advocate for underrepresented groups including racial/ethnic and religious groups and GLBT students. The office also has oversight of the Office of Women's Programs
  Web address:
ODPL Order-Disorder Phenomena Laboratory
ODS Office of the Dean of Students
  other notes: formerly known as the Student Life Office
  Web address:
OFY Office of the First Year
OIT Office for Information Technology
  pronunciation: IT
  Web address:
OL Omega Lambda
  Greek letters: ΩΛ
  other notes: an informal organization of Orientation Leaders, not recognized by the university
OOO Order of Omega
OOO Out of Office
  pronunciation: "Oooh reply"
  other notes: Not WPI specific.
OP Office of the President
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
  Web address:
OPA Office of Project Administration
  Web address:
OPIM Other Potentially Infectious Materials
OR Office of the Registrar
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
  Web address:
OSFA Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance
  other notes: The acronym does not include the M for Massachusetts
  Web address:
OSP Office of Sponsored Programs
  Web address:
OWA Outlook Web Access
OWP Office of Women's Programs
  other notes: A part of the Office of Diversity Programs
  Web address:
OX Theta Chi
  Greek letters: ΘΧ
  pronunciation: 'ox'
  other notes: social fraternity
  Web address:

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