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SA Senior Assistant
  other notes: used by CS
SAAC Student Athletic Advisory Committee
  pronunciation: sack
SACL Student Affairs and Campus Life
  Web address:
SAE Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  Greek letters: ΣΑΕ
  pronunciation: SAE
  other notes: social fraternity
  Web address:
SAP Satisfactory Academic Process
  other notes: defined as passing 4/3 over two successive terms or 8/3 over four successive terms
includes military, physical education, and consortium credit
E-Term counts towards the number of successive terms if the student is registered full time
students determined not to be making SAP are subject to academic warning
  Web address:
SAS Student Alumni Society
  pronunciation: alternate: 'sass'
  Web address:
SCA Senior Community Advisor
  other notes: Formerly Senior Orientation Leader
SCGC Senior Class Gift Committee
  Web address:
SCP Student Comedy Productions
  Web address:
SCT Systems and Computer Technology
  other notes: now SunGard SCT, the company that produces Banner
  Web address:
SD System Dynamics
  other notes: graduate level courses
SDC Social Dance Club
  Web address:
SDCC Student Development and Counseling Center
  pronunciation: West Street House
  Web address:
SE Special Events Committee
  pronunciation: ess-ee
  other notes: part of SocComm
  Web address:
SEAC Sexual Assault Education Committee
  other notes: a program sponsored by the Office of Women's Programs
SEM Scanning Electron Microscope laboratory
  Web address:
SERG Software Engineering Research Group
  pronunciation: 'surge'
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
SESA Scientific/Engineering Software Applications
  Web address:
SF Science Fiction Society
  Greek letters: ΨΦ
  pronunciation: "sci-fi"
  other notes: It's a joke. Psi Phi = SciFi... get it?
  Web address:
SFE Sigma Phi Epsilon
  Greek letters: ΣΦΕ
  pronunciation: Sig Ep
  other notes: social fraternity
  Web address:
SFPE Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  Web address:
SFR Special Funding Request
SFS Science Fiction Society
  Web address:
SGA Student Government Association (Undergraduate)
  Web address:
SGR Student Government Reserve
SHA Student Health Advocates
  pronunciation: 'sha'
SHC Student Health Center
  other notes: The Student Health Center is run by Student Health Services (SHS)
  Web address:
SHM Simple Harmonic Motion
  Web address:
SHPE Society of Hispanic and Professional Engineers
  pronunciation: 'shpee'
  Web address:
SHS Student Health Services
  other notes: Student Health Services runs the Student Health Center (SHC)
  Web address:
SIM School of Industrial Management
  pronunciation: 'sim'
  other notes: part of Corporate Education
  Web address:
SISP Senior Independent Study Project
  other notes: this project is completed by Mass. Academy seniors, not undergraduate seniors
SLP Sweet Love Palace
  other notes: slang term for the Campus Center Morgan Room
SMAS Society of Medieval Arts and Sciences
  pronunciation: 'smas'
  Web address:
SMIL Structural Mechanics Impact Laboratory
  Web address:
SML Surface Metrology Laboratory
  pronunciation: Surf Met Lab
  Web address:
SMS Systems Management Server
SNAP Security Night Assistance Patrol
  pronunciation: 'snap'
SOAP Stand Out And Program
  pronunciation: 'soap'
  Web address:
SOAP Student Outcomes Assessment Portfolio
  pronunciation: 'soap'
  Web address:
SOB Summary of Benefits
SOC Student Organization Council
  Web address:
SOMA Society Of Martial Arts
  pronunciation: 'soma'
  Web address:
SOS Student Organization Suite
  other notes: common area in the Campus Center Grogan Wing shared by SGA, SocComm, IFC, PanHel, and ISC
SP Sigma Pi
  Greek letters: ΣΠ
  pronunciation: Sig Pi
  other notes: social fraternity
  Web address:
SPAW Students Promoting Animal Welfare
SPS Sigma Pi Sigma
  Greek letters: ΣΠΣ
  other notes: physics honor society
SPS Society of Physics Students
  Web address:
SS Savage Soccer
  other notes: A small robotics competition on campus started in 1995 as an IQP for Mass Academy and now encompasses teams from all across New England. SS is often used in writing but never used verbally.
  Web address:
SSF SGA Sponsorship Fund
  other notes: This fund was created at the end of academic year 2005. Its funds are drawn from the social fee (which was increased specifically for this fund). Requests for funds through the SSF are granted or denied by SGA.
SSN Student Support Network
  Web address:
SSPS Social Sciences and Policy Studies Department
  other notes: academic department
  Web address:
SSS Senior Sufficiency Society
  pronunciation: Senior Suff Society
  other notes: slang
ST Senior Tutor
  other notes: used by ECE
STAR Students Talking (with) Alumni Resources
  pronunciation: "Star"
  other notes: Student and Alumni Organization
  Web address:
STEM Science, Technology, Education, and Math
  pronunciation: 'stem'
  other notes: also known as The Pipeline Fund
  Web address:
STTG Software Tools Technology Group
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
SURF Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
  pronunciation: Surf
  Web address:
SURGE Strengthen, Unity, Reshape, Giving back and Empower
  pronunciation: surge
  Web address:
SVP Senior Vice President
  other notes: Reserved for Provost Simpson
SWAT Students Working All Together
  pronunciation: "swat"
  other notes: A consortium sponsored program aimed at bringing engaged Worcester-area college students together.
SWE Society of Women Engineers
  pronunciation: 'swee'
  Web address:

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