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BA Bachelor of Arts
  other notes: Currently, all BA majors are self designed and need approval from the IGSD
BAC Bookstore Advisory Committee
BBT Biology and Biotechnology Department
  pronunciation: Bio Depatment
  other notes: academic department
  Web address:
BC BattleCry
  other notes: Often appended with a number representing how many times it has been run. BC is the new name for the competition while keeping the heritage to the name BattleCry. BC should always be used instead of BattleCry.
  Web address:
BCC Blind Courtesy Copy
  other notes: used in email
BDT Ballroom Dance Team
  Web address:
BEANS The Boston Extended Area Network of Schools
  pronunciation: 'beans'
  other notes: a tour of Boston area colleges attended by high school guidance counselors
BEI Bio Engineering Institute
  Web address:
BETC Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center
BILAGA Bisexual Lesbian and Gay Alliance
  pronunciation: 'buy-la-gah'
  other notes: Written BiLaGA
  Web address:
BIR Budget and Institutional Research
BK Burger King
BME Biomedical Engineering Department
  pronunciation: Bio-Med Department
  other notes: academic department
  Web address:
BMES Biomedical Engineering Society
BO Business Office
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
BOT Board of Trustees
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
  Web address:
BRAD Be Responsible About Drinking
  pronunciation: "brad"
  other notes: A national program sponosred locally by Healthy Alternatives.
  Web address:
BS Bachelor of Science
  other notes: One of two degrees available to undergraduates. Currently, only the BS has preapproved majors.
BSA Burmese Student Association
  Web address:
BSU Black Student Union
BUG Banner Users Group
  pronunciation: "Bug"
BZ Barbara Ziff
  other notes: Executive Director of Advancement Operations & Research
  Web address:

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