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I8 Interstate 8
  other notes: women's acapella group
  Web address:
IA Instructing Assistant
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
ICE Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
  other notes: In reference to the ICE Library overseen by CEI
IDT Inter Departmental Transfer
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  pronunciation: I-Triple-E
  Web address:
IES International Education of Students
  other notes: WPI and IES are linked through the London Project Center
  Web address:
IFC Inter Fraternity Council
  Web address:
IGED Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
  Web address:
IGSD Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division
  Web address:
ILL Inter Library Loan
  Web address:
IMAPS International Microelectronics and Packaging Society
  pronunciation: Eye maps
IMDC Integrative Materials Design Center
  Web address:
IMGD Interactive Media and Game Development
  other notes: slang: Video Games
  Web address:
IMNS Integrated Micro and Nano Systems Laboratory
  Web address:
IMPACT Integrated Marketing, Planning, and Communication Team
INB Internet Native Banner
iPUG iPad Users Group
IQP Interactive Qualifying Project
  other notes: In an attempt to acclimate prospective students and families to WPI, the Admissions Office has been referring to the IQP as the 'Interactive Project" or "Junior Project." On campus, some members of the community may refer to the "Interdisciplinary Project" which is just incorrect.
IRB Institutional Review Board
  Web address:
ISA Iranian Student Association
ISC International Student Council
  Web address:
ISG Independent Study for Graduates
ISIC International Student Identity Card
  Web address:
ISO Indian Student Organization
  Web address:
ISP Independent Study and Projects
  other notes: sometimes written IS/P
ISRG Image Science Research Group
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
ISRP Individually Sponsored Residential Projects
  Web address:
IT Information Technology Division
  pronunciation: IT Division
  Web address:
ITAC Information Technology Advisory Committee
  pronunciation: 'eye-tack'
  Web address:
ITRC Information Technology Research Centers
  Web address:

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