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R Thursday
  other notes: used on paper, sometimes in conversation
RA Resident Advisor
RA Research Assistant
RAD Rape Aggression Defense
  pronunciation: 'rad'
  Web address:
RCR Responsible Conduct of Research
RCS Room Condition Sheet
REFER REsearch in FiltEring and Recommender systems
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
RET Research Experiences for Teachers
  other notes: 6-week summer program for middle-school math and science teachers
  Web address:
REU Research Experience for Undergraduates
RHC Residence Hall Council
RHSC Radiation Health and Safeguards Committee
  Web address:
RHSC Radiation, Health and Safeguards Committee
  Web address:
RIBS Ratio Induced Bitch Syndrome
  pronunciation: 'ribs'
  other notes: slang, considered offensive
ROMEO Remotely Operable Micro-Environmental Observatory
  pronunciation: 'romeo'
  other notes: mentioned in Summer 2004 Transformations
  Web address:
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corp
  pronunciation: 'rot-sea'
  other notes: Available through the Army and Air Force at WPI and Navy at Holy Cross.
RPC Remote Procedure Call
  pronunciation: RPC over HTTP
  other notes: RPC over HTTP for Exchange was made available to the community on Aug. 22, 2005. It freed Exchange users from having to login to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Among other shortcomings of the VPN, it would disconnect at random and often reset local network connections including but not limited to iTunes.
  Web address:
RRC Robotics Resource Center
RSA Romanian Student Association
RSO Residential Services Office
  pronunciation: Res. Services
  Web address:
RSO Radiation Safety Office
  Web address:

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