General Acronym Listing by Letter

HAO Healthy Alternatives Office
  pronunciation: Healthy Alt.
  Web address:
HCCM Haas Center for Computer-controlled Machining
  Web address:
HCI Human Computer Interaction
  pronunciation: CS 3041
HCP Hearing Conservation Program
  Web address:
HDI Healthcare Delivery Institute
  Web address:
HERC Higher Education Resource Center
  pronunciation: 'herc'
  Web address:
HHH Haunted Higgins House
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  pronunciation: 'hip-uh'
  other notes: Melanie Desiata is the university's HIPAA contact person, and Tracy Hassett is the university's HIPAA privacy officer
  Web address:
HIVE Human Interaction in Virtual Environments
  other notes: A CS research group
HKN Eta Kappa Nu
  Greek letters: ΗΚΝ
  other notes: electrical engineering honor society
  Web address:
HPC High Performance Computing
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  other notes: Used to quantify amounts of desired substance in a sample.
HR Human Resources
  Web address:
HSA Hispanic Student Association
HSI Health and Safety Inspection
HUA Humanities and Arts Department
  pronunciation: Humanities
  other notes: academic department
  Web address:

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