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FA Financial Aid
  other notes: uncommon as an acronym
  Web address:
FA Faculty Advisor
  other notes: used during NSO and the duration of the Insight Program
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  other notes: standard financial aid form
  Web address:
FAP Committee on Administrative and Financial Policy
  other notes: This entry may appear incorrect, but it is not.
  Web address:
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  pronunciation: 'fack'
FBC Fringe Benefits Committee
  Web address:
FCC Fuel Cell Center
  Web address:
FCK Founders Country Kitchen
FCR Forkey Conference Room
  other notes: in Harrington Auditorium
FDR Faculty Dining Room
  other notes: Usually used as "Higgins House FDR"
FEA Finite Element Analysis
FEM Finite Element Method
  other notes: a mechanical engineering course, full name is 'ME 4512 Introduction to the Finite Element Method'
FERPA Family Educational Right to Privacy Act
  pronunciation: 'fur-puh'
  other notes: as the record keeper of the university, the registrar's office has the applicable forms and information relating to FERPA
  Web address:
FFT Food For Thought
  other notes: Run by CEDA, usually as a lunch discussion group
FIRST For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
  pronunciation: 'first'
  other notes: formerly USFIRST
  Web address:
FLAUD Fuller Auditorium
  pronunciation: 'flawed', Perreault Hall, Perreault
FLPH-LWR Fuller Laboratories Perreault Hall Lower
  other notes: The lower half of the renovated Perreault Hall in Fuller Laboratories
FLPH-UPR Fuller Laboratories Perreault Hall Upper
  other notes: The upper half of the renovated Perreault Hall in Fuller Laboratories
FNF Friday Night Fellowship
FOAPAL Fund Organization Account Program Activity Location
  pronunciation: 'foe-pull', FOAPAL String
FOSL Free/Open Source Laboratory
  pronunciation: 'fossil'
  other notes: written as Fossil, not FOSL
  Web address:
FPE Fire Protection Engineering Department
  other notes: academic department
  Web address:
FQP Frontiers Qualifying Project
  other notes: Frontiers term
FRC Faculty Review Committee
  other notes: a faculty committee
FS Fellowships and Scholarships
  Web address:
FS Facilities Services
  pronunciation: Facilities
  Web address:
FSAE Formula Society of Automotive Engineers
  Web address:
FSFAA Foreign Student Financial Aid Application
  Web address:
FY Fiscal Year
  other notes: runs July 1 - June 30
FYE First Year Experience
  Web address:
FYE Fiscal Year End

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