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DAA Division of Academic Affairs
  pronunciation: The Provost's Office
  Web address:
DAA Director of Academic Advising
DAAOP Division of Academic Affairs and Office of the Provost
  other notes: see DAA
  Web address:
DAKA Dining And Kitchen Administration
  pronunciation: 'day-kuh'
  other notes: DAKA is still used to refer to the company providing the food, the food the company serves, and the location where the food is served. The official name of the dining company on campus is Chartwells, a member of the Chartwells Compass Group.
  Web address:
DAR Development and Alumni Relations
  other notes: encompasses Advancement Research, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, Corporate & Foundation Relations, and Major Gifts & Planned Giving
  Web address:
DB Dennis D. Berkey
  pronunciation: alternate: Dr. Berkey, President Berkey, 'deebs', or D1B
  other notes: Although Dr. or President Berkey is customary, DB and 'deebs' are gaining popularity as nicknames. 'Deebs" may also refer to Professor David DiBiasio of Chemical Engineering. D1B refers to Dr. Berkey's faculty code issued by the registrar's office.
  Web address:
DBIA Design Build Institute of America
  Web address:
DD Dunkin' Donuts
  pronunciation: Dunks, Dunkys, Dunky Donuts, The Dunk, Dunky D's
  other notes: coming soon (we really don't know what students are going to call it yet)
DDP Director of Diversity Programs
  other notes: This position currently filled by Calvin Hill
  Web address:
DEE Division of Extended Education
  pronunciation: 'dee'
DINE Diversity and Inclusion Networking Evenings
  pronunciation: Dine
  other notes: DINE Out is a program sponsored by the Office of Diversity Programs
  Web address:
DKBRG Data/Knowledge Base Research Group
  other notes: CS research group
  Web address:
DMC Division of Marketing and Communications
  other notes: Uncommon, usually referred to as DOMAC.
  Web address:
DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  other notes: Much like HIPPA or FERPA, DMCA is a federal policy the university must adhere to.
  Web address:
DOI Digital Object Identifier
  other notes: Some databases available to WPI students through the George C. Gordon library will use a DOI as a permanent link to a full text article.
DOMAC Division of Marketing and Communications
  pronunciation: 'dough mac'
  Web address:
DOS Dean Of Students
  other notes: formerly known as the Dean of Student Life
DSA Division of Student Affairs
  pronunciation: Student Affairs
  Web address:
DSAC Dining Services Advisory Committee
  pronunciation: 'D-sack'
DSO Disability Services Office
  Web address:
DSRG Database Systems Research Group
  Web address:
DSWG Data Stewardship Working Group
DWE Dinner With Entrepreneurs
  other notes: part of CEI
  Web address:

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