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LARP Live Action Role Playing
  pronunciation: "larp", as a verb, "larping"
  other notes: SMAS is part of the larger New England LARP community
LAU Lambda Alpha Upsilon
  Greek letters: ΛΑΥ
LCA Lambda Chi Alpha
  Greek letters: ΛΧΑ
  pronunciation: Lambda Chi, LCA (not LXA at WPI)
  other notes: social fraternity
  Web address:
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  pronunciation: 'el-dap'
LDI Leadership Development Institute
  Web address:
LEAP Leadership Education And Practice
  pronunciation: 'leap'
  other notes: written as LEaP
LES Leading Edge Series
LL Leadership Laboratories
  pronunciation: 'L-Labs'
  other notes: written as LLAB's, ROTC term
LL Liberty League
  other notes: WPI's football team is a member of this league.
  Web address:
LNL Lens and Lights
  other notes: written as LnL
  Web address:
LOL Library Open Late
LOVE Lightwave Nanophotonics Device Engineering Laboratory
  pronunciation: Love Lab
LPC Live Performance Committee
  other notes: Part of SocComm, replaces MACC
  Web address:
LSAC Library Student Advisory Committee
  Web address:
LSBC Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center
  Web address:
LSI Legal and Social Issues
  other notes: A former organization recently restarted circa B-Term 2005
LSO Laser Safety Officer

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